Gold Apple Software Web Development by Geoff Appleby

About Me

I am a software developer primarily interested in web technologies.  Much of my time is currently spent on development with Drupal and Silex.

Some History

First learning to program with TI-BASIC on a TI-83 graphing calculator in high school, I then learned PHP and worked with a local youth sports organization to build a simple content management system for their website. Later I built a custom content management system for a local, live music listing site.

Through university I briefly worked as an intranet developer at a local tech company, and then for a few years on several research projects for the UBC Okanagan Centre for Social Spatial and Economic Justice.  Some of the projects I worked on included sales lead management and customer training systems, a historical document catalogue, and the collection and analysis of natural resource usage data.  Through university coursework I also continued the development of a classroom peer-evaluation application and created a web interface for an environmental sensor network.

After completing university I worked at a local web development company where I built custom web solutions based on CakePHP, including a resource managment and reporting system for a local utility company.

I am now a developer at Myplanet in Vancouver, where I build cool stuff that I'm usually not allowed to talk about.