Gold Apple Software Web Development by Geoff Appleby


Coursework projects were undertaken to fulfill the requirements of a university class.

QuackBack Peer Review

Quackback is on online system to faciliate the implementation of a peer-evaluation methods within universtiy classes, led by Professor Patricia Lasserre of The University of British Columbia Okanagan.  The project started with a student development group in early 2009 building the first version of the system, which was then used within an introductory computer science class the following fall.  I participated in a second student group in 2010 implementing additional features based on instructor and student feedback.  Both student groups operated as part of the Comptuer Science 319: Software Engineering Project course.

Kelowna Gigs

KelownaGigs began as a small directory of local musicians and events around 2003, with the static website being manually updated by a single administrator.  After developing custom content management tools, the site has been continually updated with fresh information since 2005.

The site received a second major update in 2009/10 with a redesign based on Drupal 6, as part of my honours thesis project.  The thesis explored the effect of the migration on user engagement, as well as the implementation of automated information extraction tools to gather new site content.  The new site stores more information on artists and venues, and creates connections between content to allow users to easily find other items of interest.

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